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GOODJ company, founded in 1985, is a Switzerland manufacturer of precision fastening systems Zero-Point and pneumatic and mechanical CNC vises. Zero-Point System gives us the ability to quickly and accurately exchange of fixing devices in the machine. Positioning repeatability is 5µm, and the only system requirement is compressed air at a pressure of 6 bar.

Full range of products includes:

  • Zero-Point Systems
  • Pneumatic vises
  • Mechanical vises for 5-axis machining
  • Columns equipped with a Zero-Point system or net of threads
  • Multiple fastening systems - fastening bars
  • Vacuum clamping systems
  • Automation: Robotic machining stand
  • Automation: automated systems for pallets

Goodj company catalog (PDF 7,1MB)
On request the printed version is also available - feel free to contact our sales department.